Intelligent Face Recognition System | Model: HT IF-35

Face Recognition Technology at its best, HT IF-35 integrates 3-Dimensional Face Detection Technology with V4 Face Recognition Algorithm. Its dedicated Dual Camera System efficiently realizes 3D Face Image actively supported by 80 LEDs acting as Active Auxiliary Light Source (AALS).

HT IF-35

  • 3D Face Recognition
  • Active Auxiliary Light Source Technology
  • Adaptive Face Detection
  • Integrated Self Learning Technology
  • Powerful DSP
  • Access Control & Time Attendance
3D Face Recognition Attendance Access Control System

Main Features

  1. 3D Biometric Face Recognition System
    3D Face Detection Technology with V4 Face Recognition Algorithm
  2. Infrared LED
    80 Infrared LEDs implement Active Auxiliary Light Source Technology (AALS)
  3. Dual Camera
    High resolution dual cameras realize 3D Face Image
  4. Freedom from Lighting Conditions
    Adaptive face detection technology recognizes faces even in pitch darkness
  5. Powerful DSP
    Efficient operational speed with efficient & powerful DSP (Digital signal processor)
  6. Full Touch Display
    True Color TFT Display with full touch function
  7. Anti-theft Alarm
    Built-in tamper alarm deters vandalism attempts
  8. 3 in 1 Authentication
    Identify users with Face recognition / Card / PIN & combinations
  9. 10 Unique Function Keys
    Precise attendance with customizable 10 function keys
  10. Large Capacity
    500-2000 users with 5 Million log capacity using expandable SD memory
  11. 32 GB Memory
    Supports SD Cards up to 32 GB storage capacity
  12. Embedded Software
    Built-in Web Interface on the hardware

Face Recognition Technology at its best, HT IF-35 integrates 3-Dimensional Face Detection Technology with V4 Face Recognition Algorithm. Its dedicated Dual Camera System efficiently realizes 3D Face Image actively supported by 80 LEDs acting as Active Auxiliary Light Source (AALS).

HT IF-35 utilizes world renowned Integrated Self Learning Technology (ISLT) which is a unique technological innovation that enables the system to adapt itself to users’ facial patterns which keep on changing as the user ages.

The system is designed to provide an automated & convenient biometric face recognition time and attendance management with effective face access control security. HT IF-35 deploys a powerful DSP (digital signal processing) processor to attain offline usage and operational excellence.

Unlike other biometric technologies, Heyce 3D face recognition doesn’t require any direct physical contact or exact positioning at the identification device. HT IF-35 integrates elegant and compact appearance, with user-friendly GUI touch screen interface, voice prompts and web management software, making it an easy to operate system. Using Infrared Thermal Imaging technology, HT IF-35 functions flawlessly even in pitch darkness.

HT IF-35 provides three authentication methods viz.; Face Recognition, contact less smart card authentication and PIN code authentication with combinations. With USB data import and export, built-in web based software applications as well as computer based time and attendance software HT IF-35 is perfect to be widely used in enterprises & institutions that require the attendance management & access control.

  • 3D Face Recognition Attendance System
    3D Face Recognition
  • Dual 3D face Camera
    Dedicated Dual Cameras
  • Full Touch Colour Display
    Full Touch Color Display
  • LED Auxiliary Light Source technology
    80 Infrared LEDs
  • Face detection under all lighting conditions
    Face detection under all lighting conditions
  • Integrated Self Learning Technology for Face Recognition
    Integrated Self Learning Technology (ISLT)
  • High Performance DSP Processor
    High Performance DSP Processor
  • Expandable SD memory for fingerprint terminal
    Supports up to 32GB SD memory
  • USB fingerprint terminal
    USB Data Transfer
  • Attendance Using function Keys
    10 Attendance Function Keys
  • Web attendance Application
    Built-in Web Interface on the hardware
  • Biometric Fingerprint System with network communication
    Network Enabled
  • Free Attendance Software
    Completely Free Software

  • 3D Face Recognition System
  • Biometric Face Attendance Recording
  • Face Recognition Access Control
  • Works even in pitch dark environments
  • Integrated Self Learning Technology (ISLT)
  • High Performance DSP Processor
  • 3.5 inch true color display
  • Full Touch Function Screen
  • Log Capacity: Standard 200,000 logs (Upgradable to 5 million logs with SD Card)
  • Authentication Via Face/Card/Pin & Combinations
  • Fully customizable 10 function keys for effective attendance recording
  • Independent Recognition modes enables each user to have his own authentication method
  • Communication: TCP/IP, Mini USB, Weigand & RS232
  • Supports USB flash drive data transfer
  • Supports up to 32GB SD Card
  • User Capacity: 500-2000 users
  • Embedded Web Interface for Remote Terminal Management
  • Displays employee photograph with other information
  • Built-in door controller & supports external door controller
  • Visitor’s Calling bell
  • Tampering Alarm with door sensor alarm support
  • All types of relay contacts supported
  • Table Top Operation supported

Web Interface

Device Management
  • Network Setup
  • Function Key Setup
  • Touch Screen Calibration
  • Data Maintenance
  • Firmware Update
  • System Reboot

User Management
  • Add User
  • Edit User
  • Delete User

Attendance Management
  • Shift Setting
  • Holiday Setting
  • Report generation

Easy Integration
  • Open database structure
  • Integrates easily with ERP & Payroll application

HT IFRS Software
  • Open License Software
  • Supports SQL Database
  • Supports Concurrent user logins
  • Supports User Privilege Settings
  • Unlimited Departments & Users
  • Process attendance reports with or without function keys
  • Show/Hide report’s columns using table settings
  • Reports can be directly printed or exported in Microsoft Excel format

Technical Specifications

Item Specification
Facial Template Capacity 500 – 2000
Transaction Capacity 200,000 (upgradable to 5 Million)
Verification Mode 1:1 or 1:N
Communication TCP/IP, USB Flash Disk, Micro USB, RS232
Display 3.5 inch TFT True Color Full Touch
Processor ARM920T core Processor with DSP
Identification methods Face, ID + face card (optional) + face, Password + Face, ID + face etc.
Recognition Rates 99%
FRR (False Rejection Ratio) ≤0.01%
FAR (False Acceptance Ratio) ≤0.0001%
Voice Features Audio sampling rate: 64Kbps
Audio compression standard: G.711
Audio output: Built-in speakers & an external 1/mono/3.5mm headphone jack
Alarm Function Alarm input: switch type custom input
Alarm output: 2 switch type custom outputs
Power Input DC12V/1A (optional DC12V/3A)
Power Output DC12V/2A (optional DC12V/3A)
Hardware Interfaces RS232: 9600 ~ 115200bps
Ethernet: 10/100M adaptive, supports TCP / IP
USB Host: standard USB & mini the USB
SD Card: Built-in, MicroSD
Anti-demolition switch: Release type
Doorbell button: Available
Reset button: press & hold to restore to factory default
Wiegand input: Wiegand 26 & 34
Wiegand output: Wiegand 26 & 34
Smart card module Contactless type
Working environment Luminescence: 020000Lux, Humidity: 20% to 80%, Temperature: -20° C to 52°C
Dimensions 215mm W x 150mm H x 52mm D

Advantages & Applications

  • Touchless Biometric Face Recognition Time & Attendance Recording
  • Suitable for Hygiene Sensitive Environments
  • Highly adaptive for labor workforce scenarios
  • Automation of HR management and administration
  • Comprehensive & flexible attendance and workflow management
  • Workforce and Payroll automation
  • Easy third party Payroll Software integration
  • Implement flexible work timings to motivate your staff with perfect work & life balance
  • Minimize paperwork & fully automate HR tasks such as leave controlling, shift management, attendance logs etc.
  • Reduce operational costs & improve efficiency
  • Prevent misconduct & negligence with HR as well as organization security
  • Seamlessly integrate with emergency and fire alarm systems to fully comply with civil norms

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HT IFRS Software Download

HT IFRS is an open license software built on VB platform. The software is compatible with HT IF-35.