Employee Investigations

While the overwhelming majority of employees have the best interests of the organization at heart, it usually takes just one of them to cause serious damage. When you suspect you may have a problem, you need unbiased insight, and you need it fast. Hence employee investigations remain a fact of corporate life. Get it right & reduce your risks

Veriato CNE Investigator

Corporate Governance
  • Designed for small teams
  • Corporate & Office Governance
  • Accurate Employee Investigations


Veriato 360 UAM Suite

Office Governance Software
  • Designed for Enterprise
  • Protect Trade Secrets
  • Enhance Information Security

Identity Theft

Conducting Employee Investigations

Important jobs may be on the line; company reputations at stake. However you may be able to piece together clues from contrasting sources and try to build a complete and accurate picture to act on. Or you can let our software do this work for you. Continuously collecting data on actions and communications of the employee(s) under investigation, Veriato 360 and Veriato CNE Investigator will present vital information it in a clear, context-rich, easy to understand format.

Our Solution – Veriato 360 & Veriato CNE Employee Productivity Monitoring & Analysis Software

HEYCE offers a flawless & cost effective solution to employee activity issues with award winning Veriato 360 user activity monitoring solutions. The software works with precise accuracy enhancing productivity of the organization.

Save Time
It takes just few minutes to install and review. Save hours of valuable time being spent sifting through data.

Save Money
Our clients tell us they see a dramatic reduction in the cost of investigations, often as much as 50%.

Increase Certainty
Decisions are only as good as the information they are based on. Making sure you have complete & accurate data, and can see the context actions were taken in, let’s you act confidently and decisively

Reduce Risk
Should such investigations result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination, you run the risk that the impacted employee(s) may sue. Join the thousands of companies who have relied on VeriatoSoft to provide reliable, tested, and invulnerable results.

Computer and Crime

Data Collection
Veriato 360 user activity monitoring solution collects detailed user activity and behavior data from across the communications and online fabric of your organization

Enhanced Accuracy
Veriato 360’s unique Total Time – Focus Time – Active Time approach provides true intelligence into employee activity

High Visibility
With dozens of out-of-the-box reports, an easy-to-use dashboard, and powerful and intuitive video style playback, getting answers is fast and easy. Improve productivity by implementing an employee-monitoring program designed to provide accurate, timely, and reliable reporting that helps address problems before they negatively impact your business functionality.

The Costs Can Be Damaging

loss of data