Biometric Access Control and Time & Attendance System | Classic Model: HT BA-30C

This page is for information only. This model is out of production.

Supporting 360° Fingerprint Identification, 3000 users & 100,000 logs recording capacity, 3” Color display screen, HT BA-30C serves Biometric Attendance and Access Control Security requirements effectively.


  • 360° Fingerprint Sensor
  • Color Display Screen
  • Anti-Theft Tamper Alarm
  • Supports TCP/IP & USB
  • Access Control & Time Attendance

HT BA-30C - At A Glance

Supporting 360° Fingerprint Identification, 3000 users & 100,000 logs recording capacity, 3” Color display screen, HT BA-30C serves Biometric Attendance and Access Control Security requirements effectively.

HT BA-30C implements live fingerprint detection technology using OSSF fingerprint recognition sensor. Live fingerprint detection eliminates all possibilities of security breach with use of fake fingerprints.

With a resolution of 850 DPI (effective) & 360° fingerprint rotation feature, HT BA-30C’s fingerprint sensor efficiently identifies damaged fingerprints with ease, greatly improving system performance in continuously varying operational conditions.

The 3.0” color display facilitates pleasant display of information with easy menu navigation. Manufactured in 2000 user and 50000 transaction log capacity, HT BA-30C caters efficiently to small to medium manpower arenas.

HT BA-30C authenticates users by their fingerprints; Cards, PIN codes and all possible combinations with these authentication methods for enhanced security.

HT BA-30C operates on a fully digital platform that ensures optimum performance, complete stability and perfect reliability

Data transmission modes range from simple USB communication thru TCP/IP as well as RS-232 & RS-485. HT BA-30C can also be easily integrated with third party door controllers and accessories via Weigand connectivity.

Uniquely definable access control rules that can be applied across departments and even individuals, built-in as well as external controller support are some of HT BA-30C’s momentous offerings towards deploying a highly secure access control environment

HT BA-30C’s is uniquely designed for precise attendance & HR automation requirements.

A well performing technology at low implementation costs, HT BA-30C is the most preferred choice for basic attendance recording and access control security using the power of fingerprint biometric technology.

  • 360 degree fingerprint Identification Technology
    360° fingerprint rotation
  • Fingerprint Registration
    3 fingerprints per user
  • Biometric Fingerprint System with network communication
    Network Enabled
  • Security Tamper Alarm
    Anti-Theft Tamper Alarm
  • 850 dpi Live finger sensor
    Live Finger Detection
  • Finger Print PIN Card Authentication
    Fingerprint, Card & PIN Authentication
  • USB fingerprint terminal
    USB Data Transfer
  • Built In Door Controller
    Built-in Door Controller
  • Clear Color Display
    3.0” True Color Display
  • card and finger print reader
    Contactless Smart Card
  • Multi Time Zone Customizable Access Control Rules & Timings
    Fully Customizable Access Control Timings & Rules
  • Free Attendance Software
    Free Classic Software Package

  • Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance with Access Control System
  • True Color LCD Display
  • Supports 360° fingerprint rotation
  • Fingerprint / Card / PIN / Combination user identification options
  • 850 DPI fingerprint sensor with OSSF Technology
  • Supports registration of 3 fingerprints per user
  • Customizable individual access timings
  • Anti-Theft Tamper Alarm
  • Communication via TCP/IP LAN, RS-232,RS-485
  • Supports USB flash drive data collection
  • Supports external door controller to prevent intrusion & vandalism
  • Free classic attendance & access control software

Free classic attendance and access control software

Enhanced Automation Features
  • Scheduled Data Collection
  • Shift Management

Easy Integration
  • Open database structure
  • Integrates easily with ERP & Payroll applications

Software Features for Attendance Recording
  • Supports unlimited shifts.
  • Separate shifts can be assigned to each staff
  • Supports separate privileges for each software user (read/write/delete etc.)
  • Unlimited users and unlimited departments

Advanced Reporting Features
  • Report types: Attendance detailed report, Electronic Time card by person & by day (DTR format), Exceptional attendance report, Exceptional swipe report, Manual swipe record report, Monthly Statics Report, Monthly symbol report, Weekly report & Shift Assignment Report.
  • Reports can be directly printed via software console or exported to EXCEL
  • Supports SQL and Microsoft Access databases

Technical Specifications

Item Specification
Fingerprint Sensor Optic Sensor Over Semiconductor Film (OSSF Technology), Resolution - 850 dpi (effective)
Authentication Modes Fingerprint/Contactless Card/PIN & Combination
Fingerprints per user 3 Fingerprints
Size of Fingerprint File 3 KB
FAR (False Acceptance Ratio) 0.001%
FRR( False Rejection Ratio) 0.01%
Authentication time (1:N Matching Fully Loaded) Less than 1 Second
User Limit (1:1) 3000 Templates
Transaction Limit 100,000 Logs
Communication Methods TCP/IP, USB, RS485, RS232
Door Control Internal and External Door Controller Supported
Display 3.0” True Color LCD Display.
Power Input: 12V DC, consumption 7W
USB Interface High speed USB 2.0
Card Reader Contactless Smart Cards 
Temperature tolerance 5° ~ 52° C
Humidity 10 % ~ 95% (Non Condensing)
Supported Operating Systems Windows XP / Vista / 7/ 8, Windows Server 2003 / 2008 / 2012
Supported Accessories All types of locks & brackets, push button releases, relays, fire alarm systems and sensors
Dimensions 200 x 119x 50 (mm), weight 0.90 Kg

Advantages & Applications

  • Classic Biometric Fingerprint Time & Attendance Reader
  • Fingerprint Access Control Security Solution
  • Automation of HR management
  • Workforce and Payroll automation
  • Third party Payroll Software integration
  • Minimize paperwork & fully automate HR tasks such as leave controlling, shift management, attendance logs etc.
  • Reduce operational costs & improve efficiency
  • Prevent misconduct & negligence with HR as well as organization security
  • Seamlessly integrate with emergency and fire alarm systems to fully comply with civil norms

Compatible Accessories

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Wirless Push-to-exit emergency button

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HT BA-30 Software Download

HT BA-30 is an open license software built on VB platform. The software is compatible with HT BA-30, HT BA-30C.