Cyber-safety: Today’s most important tool for child protection

Internet-initiated crimes against minors involve deceit and violence. They usually begin with adult strangers known as internet predators communicating with children and young teenagers over the Internet and sometimes then meeting face to face. Instant messaging, social networking sites, chat rooms, internet forums, cell phones, and, astonishingly, even video game consoles have attracted online child predators.

As a need of today’s world, you gave your kid a home PC, which helps them with a proper start in life. Now they can do their homework, make cute cat videos, send eCards and after they’ve done all their homework, just play the occasional computer games. However you notice they are spending a lot of time on Facebook. Who are these strangers they are talking to? Why is the web browser history suspiciously blank? You trust your kid, but you need to be in charge – here is how!

History of Facebook Chat

Our Solution: A Home Computer Monitor: The Best Parenting Tool for the Modern Family

Cyber Bullying Protection
SoftActivity home computer monitoring solution is going to help you do your job as a responsible parent.
Key Features:
  • Get emailed reports about what’s happening on your home PC. Check in on your child’s computer activity from the office or while you’re traveling.
  • View activity with total invisibility. Our software doesn’t slow down their computer. They know you’re watching, but don’t know when – encouraging them to stay on their best behavior.
  • Track websites they visit. Your kid may be smart enough to delete their browser history if they’re going to websites they shouldn’t visit. Now you can see it in a recorded log.
  • Record e-mails and IM chats. Know if online predators or cyber-bullies are threatening your child.
  • Record screenshots and generate reports.