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Heyce Technologies is a diversified security and automation devices manufacturing company, focused on revolutionizing critical data security mechanisms and automating information recording. As a world leader in automation technology, we integrate technologies and design into customer-centric solutions, based on elemental customer insights, incorporating latest market trends & demands. Heyce Technologies manufactures industry leading security solutions by integrating innovative and cost effective user identification techniques that deliver beyond customer expectations. Heyce Technologies’ smart and modern innovations have been deployed and effectively used by every industry verticals ranging from government, semi-government, banks, manufacturing industries, automobiles, police, military, armed forces, airlines, telecommunications, shipping, hospitals, real estate, service providers, hotels, system integrators, to name a few. We move ahead with firm commitment towards environmental sustainability by meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Heyce Manufacturing Factory
  • Active & Resilient Research Team
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3D Fingerprint Technology
  • Forensic Science Techniques
  • 3D Face Recognition Technology
  • Extensive Integration Adaptability


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Biometric Research and Development
  • Fully autonomous in-house R&D
  • Incessant R & D Investments
  • Stanch Environment Sustainability



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Most trusted and reliable biometric company
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Security News and Events
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Future Security and Human Identification System
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