HEYCE Reusable Break-Glass Emergency Exit Switch

The Reusable Emergency Exit switch is an important component that aids in quick evacuation during fire detection or any other emergency situation where the operation of access control systems needs to be disabled. It can be used for open or closed circuits. This emergency switch cuts the circuit immediately and opens or disables the door locking mechanism when the emergency panel is pressed down. This simple ‘RESET’ mechanism consists of tough ABS plastic operating elements that simulate break glass type emergency switch operation. It is immediately reusable. It eliminates environmental hazard that are caused by fragments of broken glass. This makes it very suitable for used in food processing plants and places that are prone to false activations such as schools, shopping malls etc.


  • Quick response Micro-Switch
  • Single gang
  • Triple Pole
  • No glass elements to break
  • Maintenance Free operation
Structure Abrasion Resistant panel
Release Mechanism Quick response micro switch
Output Push to disconnect circuit
Working temperature -10~60°C
Working moisture 0-95%
Power Range 12V/24V DC, 10A
48V DC, 3A
Size 87mm x 87mm x 51mm
Weight 145g
Color Green