SpectorSoft User Activity Recording Employee Monitoring Software

Veriato Soft: User Activity Monitoring & Employee Monitoring Software

Veriato 360 is a comprehensive user activity monitoring solution that empowers companies to log, retain, review and report on their employee’s digital activity. Veriato 360 creates ultimate records of an employee’s digital activity, and in doing so provides organizations with the ability to see the context of user actions. Using a combination of keyword detection and snapshot playback, Veriato 360 monitors, captures and analyzes all digital user activity live, as it happens. Veriato360 suite of products effectively identifies and investigates unsafe activity of not only employees but also privileged users and sourced third-party vendors.


Spector 360 Document Tracking Software
  • Document Tracking, Email, Webmail Monitoring
  • Record Keystrokes, Chat Instant Messages, Social Media
  • Capture, Analyze, Playback Digital User Activity


Veriato360 Recon

Computer Behaviour Analysis With Auto Alerts
  • Analyze User behavior, detect anomalies
  • Auto Alerts with Computer Behavior Changes
  • Protect Your Data against Insider Attack


VeriatoCNE Investigator

Investigate Computer Usage
  • Get Accurate & Reliable Evidence with Detailed Reports
  • Document Tracking, Web & Application Activity
  • Record detailed information on Employee Activity


Workplace Monitor

Software for User Behavior Analytics
  • Small Business Employee Monitoring Solution
  • Maximize Productivity & Staff Efficiency
  • Employee Online Activity at your Fingertips


Log Manager

Event Log Management Software from Spector Soft
  • Event Log Management Software to Monitor, Consolidiate, Archive, Audit & Report Logs from Windows Server
  • Security Event, Text Log, Syslog Daemon Monitoring,
  • Alerts, Actions & Reporting


Server Manager

Winodws Server event log manager
  • Critical Insight into your Network Activity
  • Manage Traffic & Performance of your network
  • Scalable for Large Enterprises or Small Businesses