Beware Of the Enemy Within

An insider threat is a malicious threat to an organization that comes from people within the organization, such as its current employees, former employees, contractors or business associates, who have access to organization's security practices, data and computer systems. Protecting an organization against such insider threats is never easy. Insiders may have accounts giving them legitimate access to computer & IT systems. This access would have originally been given to them to serve in the performance of their duties. But these permissions could be abused to harm the organization. Insiders are often familiar with the organization's key data and intellectual property as well as the methods that are in place to protect them. This makes it easier for the insider to evade any security controls of which they are aware. Physical proximity to data means that the insider does not need to hack into the organizational network through the outer perimeter by traversing firewalls; rather they are in the building already, often with direct access to the organization's internal network. An insider may attempt to steal property or information for personal gain, or to benefit another organization. Insider threats are harder to defend against than attacks from outsiders, since the insider already has legitimate access across organization's information.

Veriato CNE Investigator

Cyber Security
  • Designed for small teams
  • Insider Threat Monitoring Software
  • Confidential Information Security


Veriato 360 UAM Suite

Cyber Crime Prevention
  • Designed for Enterprise
  • Enhance Data Security
  • Cyber Threat Monitoring


Our Solution – Veriato 360 & Veriato CNE Employee Productivity Monitoring & Analysis Software

HEYCE offers a flawless & cost effective solution to employee activity issues with award winning Veriato 360 user activity monitoring solutions. The software works with precise accuracy enhancing productivity of the organization.

Salient Benefits

Threat to computer
Trust & Verify
Veriato User Activity & Behavior Monitoring is an effective way of managing your risk, serving as deterrence against risk developing into threats, while enabling early detection of threats before damage is done. Detailed insight into insider activities and behaviors facilitates rapid action and incident response.
Login Secure Server
Proactive and Passive
If background checks and interviews were effective at preventing insider threats, you wouldn’t be reading this. Common sense dictates that appropriate levels of monitoring of user activity and behavior be deployed to protect the organization. Scanning and alerting on user activity for signs of heightened risk or actual threat provides the early warning system needed to reduce your risk and strengthen your security protocol.
Email Secure Server
More Access, More Risk
The more access an insider has – the greater their privileges – the higher the risk. Actively monitoring insider activity ensures that the access authorized is not being used in an unauthorized way. Recording, scanning, and storing all high risk insider activities for known indicators of threats is a practical, efficient, and effective strategy for protecting against the worst types of insider attacks – those that level elevated privileges to inflict serious damage.
Intrusion Detection
When the Alarm Sounds
Whether detected by technology or through other means (like an employee tip), when insider behaviors cross into the threat category, you need to respond rapidly. Detailed, contextual information about exactly what was done, whether the actions where inadvertent or malicious in intent, and whether others were involved is required to make sure the threat is addressed. And because the insider is on the payroll, Legal and HR will require lots of documentation in order to support their actions. Having a complete record of user activity, available via reports, dashboard views, and powerful video playback capability means you have everything you need in one place.