Our Chronicle

Since the establishment of the Company in the year 1996, we have anticipated that leading edge technology will be the prime aspect to achieve success in the world of continually emergent intelligence and information society. Hence we started with a goal to glean many of the quality solutions in the vast field of Biometric Science, human identification, security and safety.

To achieve this goal we have focused on fingerprint identification technology. Heyce successfully designed and developed innovative fingerprint recognition techniques using OSSF technology & 3D face recognition technology by incorporating AALS & ISLT with V4 algorithm.

Heyce Technologies has thereby instigated development of various products and solutions which completely automates the process of human identification and automatic data collection. Heyce Technologies now manufactures numerous Fingerprint Authentication devices, 3D Face Recognition Systems & Access Control Card Readers. Today, our unique and sophisticated Fingerprint Sensors, Face Recognition Algorithms and Fingerprint modules which are widely accepted in the global market. Heyce Technologies also manufactures several alarm & tracking systems which can be used for human safety and information technology security.

The Challenge:
In today's modern society of rapid changes and advances, it is an absolute need of every manufacturer to possess their own unique technology. Heyce Technologies is the abode to a unique forensic Fingerprint Identification Sensor Technology known as OSSF (Optic Sensor over Semiconductor Film). This is the most advanced kind of optical sensor which comprises of a gate electrode over a poly-crystal semiconductor layer (substrate) formed over gate electrode with a gate insulating film interposed between, and an amorphous semiconductor layer formed on poly-crystal semiconductor layer. OSSF Fingerprint technology reads fingers with 90% damage and also verifies using different techniques to ascertain that the fingerprint is live.

Our 3D Face Recognition Technology incorporates the latest 3D Face Image and V4 face recognition algorithm with powerful DSP (digital signal processing) processor to attain offline usage and operational excellence. With its unique intelligent self-learning techniques, our face recognition systems adapt itself to age related changes in users’ facial patterns.

Our business strategy is based on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing technically innovative and advanced devices. Heyce has a track record of bringing innovative new products to market that provide better performance and save costs for our valued customers.

Strong relationships with our customers are fundamental to our business. To earn their trust we know we must always behave with absolute integrity. To support our fundamentals, our specialized sales force / engineers provide frontline support to our customers which in turn enable us to gain greater understanding of their needs. We respond rapidly to our customers’ needs, irrespective of their complexity.

Heyce Technologies has all the pedestal and functional technology for biometric fingerprint & face recognition & authentication products and RF transmission alarming devices. We invest in continuous research and development to improve our competitive power with most other global biometric & other security related technologies.

We utilize intense investment in both human and material resource to improve our company’s brand value. This propels us into maximizing the infinite utilities in the world of biometric identification thereby proposing a new way of business principle to benefit the society.

Our Vision
To be the world's most preferred, significant and successful premium security Solutions Company & serve a broad spectrum of business entities. We shall earn our customers’ confidence through continuous improvement, integrity, innovation and operational excellence.

Our Mission
To develop innovative and cost effective biometric human recognition and safety devices that deliver beyond user expectations.

Our Advantages

  • Resilient R&D
    Research, Development & Manufacturing under one roof.
  • Strong Knowledge
    Decades of knowledge & wide experience.
  • Matchless Technology
    Unique, latest & most adaptive technology.
  • Freeware
    Completely Free software with every biometric system – no upselling schemes
  • Gold Certified
    Gold Certified partners for market leading IT Security & Surveillance solutions
  • Massive Manufacturing
    Large manufacturing capability of over 10K units a month.
  • Most Trusted Fundamentals
    Trusted brand actively serving over 3000+ direct clients.
  • Long Term Dependability
    Dependable local presence, trustworthy after sales and flawless support. Spares available even after years of product discontinuity.