Attendance Management Systems

Attendance management gathers most importance with every organization since it can determine whether or not a business will be successful in the future. Businesses will have to keep a track of most of their employees, be it junior or senior, to ensure optimal productivity. Monitoring attendance is a long term help for businesses as the employer will be able to differentiate between employees arriving early, late and which employee(s) has the most absences without acceptable reasons. This could help an employer in deciding which employees are most apt to work with their business. It remains a fact that having punctual employees means that the day-to-day tasks of the organization will be completed on time.

Attendance Management Software System

It is important that even the employees within an organization must know about their employer’s attendance and absence policy, so that they are aware of what is required of them to be followed to match the organization’s expectations. Attendance management is also effectively contributes to health and safety procedures by exactly letting the company know how many people are present inside a building in event of an emergency that was to arise in a workplace like a fire within the building used by their workforce. It is also vital to manage a set of workforce as it definitely leads to higher profits as well as an increase in productivity. If you have a look on the other side of what will happen if a business does not manage their attendance, it will mean that they will have absolutely no information to look back on whenever such information is needed in the future. They also will not be able to keep a daily track on their employees, which implies that there is no effective leadership & governance.

Monitoring Attendance
How a company chooses to monitor their workforce attendance to enforce punctuality varies from organization to organization. Some companies may use a manual attendance sheet, some select online methods and a lot of businesses who are serious in achieving flawless attendance records are deploying finger print recognition & several other biometric employee attendance recorders that are, in fact, very reliable as well as cost effective.

In today’s technologically advanced & fast paced world, everything is achieved through the appropriate and related technology. The last few decades have witnessed vast technological advancements in attendance management, which have been effectively utilized by several businesses to increase their productivity. A simple attendance sign in sheet can be very quick and convenient. However this attendance management technique system is completely outdated and ineffective to use within a business. The major flaws of such registers include requirements for manual intervention, can be viewed by unauthorized personnel and can be easily cheated.

Time Attendance Management

Next option is using an online register or appropriate software to help attendance management in a broader context. If an employer has an online register he/she can bring up the past and current detailed attendance information about each employee. Also, an online register or software program cannot get misplaced as you can save several copies of it which can be conveniently retrieved whenever required. Also, such software are fully automated & secured using appropriate credentials. Such attendance recording software also empowers employers with real time alert to display employee activity such as shifts missed, late check-ins, early leaves, improper attendance hours, etc. Such software can also be programmed to automatically alert the employer or the management team about any irregularities and from this the employer will be able initiate required corrective procedures. As such, modern attendance management technology significantly automates and empowers employers to achieve the best desired results from their workforce.

Benefits of Technology with Attendance Monitoring
Adopting latest technology in attendance monitoring has vast benefits to every organization. With automated attendance recording & reporting systems, companies can effectively track time for every employee irrespective of his physical location. Technologically advanced remote attendance recorders have the ability to send data wirelessly or via internet to any central location of the organization. Rapid advancements in attendance centralizing techniques have now resulted in cloud based attendance reporting and seamless integration with existing payroll applications for accurate pay processing. Organizations can fully automate their time off management with self-service time off request capabilities and advanced accrual rules and calculations. New attendance recording techniques keep overtime costs under control with configurable calculation rules that increase accuracy and improve compliance with overtime laws. Shifts and attendance policies can be deployed at department, organization or group level to achieve perfect synchronization within the work force. Advance reporting functions with automated payroll functions empower human resources to achieve their desired reporting results in no time. New reporting technologies are highly configurable, with real-time alerts, work across robust databases including Oracle, SQL, etc. and produce intuitive timesheets with complete work-flow coverage. Leverage flexible approval workflows that adapt to your business processes to ensure work flow precision and compliance.

Biometric Time Attendance Management

Reward Punctuality
Achieve employee motivation with rewarding them for good attendance. Several companies have a successful rewarding system based on their punctual attendance. Such rewarding policies inspire employees to turn up on time, which in turn saves the business a lot of money; same as absences cause businesses to lose money & productivity. Therefore, effective attendance management with rewarding policy is really important by successfully combating absences. Some companies oppose rewarding employees, as they believe that it’s the self-responsibility of every staff to be punctual and there is no need to give extra credit for just turning up to work. But rewarding employees will bring higher staff motivation inside the work place, work being done quicker and also employees actually enjoying to come to work.

Linking absence linked with attendance management
Managing attendance is vital for companies to help overcome absences. Absences in a business can cause it to lose a huge amount of money as well as the organizational productivity, because when one person is missing it has a huge impact on the rest of the business as it this person’s absence delays completion of his tasks, which in turn have a chain effect on all the tasks that are dependent on such incomplete task. If a business can manage or measure attendance the employer will be able to tell how much time is being lost/delayed. This enables them to take effective steps to tackle this problem. The only way they will be able to tell the amount of absences is to manage their attendance. Minimizing absences absolutely to the lowest will mean that the business will have a higher financial profitability. Absence from work is now costing employers over $1000 per employee per year on average, Absence costs business $17.5 billion a year. With such a huge figure in losses, it remains vital that a business manages their attendance properly.