Biometric Attendance Machine Manufacturer
550,000 Sq.Ft Factory
OEM & ODM Availability
5 Level Quality Control
Supreme Performance Products
90,000+ Units Annual Rollout
State Of Art Manufacturing Faciltiy
Active Research & Development
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Mid-range Biometric Attendance System
Experience True Biometric Power
Live Fingerprint OSSF Sensor Technology
3G/4G Compatiable
WiFi Enabled
Built-in ADSL
Live Video Surveillance
Flawless Operation
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Face Recognition System
3D Face
V4 Face Recognition Algorithm
Integrated Self Learning Technology
80 Infrared LEDs
Active Auxiliary Light Technology
Flawlessly Pitch Darkness Operation
High Performance Digital Processor
Optimum Face Identification
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Gprs Wireless Biometric Attendance System
World's #1 GPRS Biometric System
3G/4G Data Transmission
Attendance & Access Control
Designed for Remote Sites
Wireless Handheld Operation
WiFi, ADSL, USB Enabled
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Smart Card Attendance System
Robust Access Control Systems
 Strong Metallic Body
 Fire Resistant
 Anti-Vandal & Shockproof
 Perfect Heavy Duty Operation
Perfect Security
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User Activity Monitoring Spector 360
User Activity Monitoring
 Record & Monitor Activity Across Your Entire Network
 Realize Compliance Norms
 Privileged User Monitoring
 Track Access to Sensitive Data
 Identify Unauthorized Privilege Changes
 Block Websites & Chats
 Enchance Employee Productivity
 Detect Data Theft & Employee Fraud
 Auto-Alerting & Complete Reporting
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CCTV Surveillance System
Experience the Latest Technology
Variety of Cameras & DVRs
Analogue Video & IP Based Cameras
PTZ (motorized pan, tilt & zoom)
Night Vision Analogue & IP Cameras
Effective Observation & Security
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Welcome to HEYCE

Heyce Technologies is a diversified security and automation devices manufacturing company, focused on revolutionizing critical data security mechanisms and automating information recording. As a world leader in automation technology, we integrate technologies and design into customer-centric solutions, based on elemental customer insights, incorporating latest market trends & demands.

Heyce Technologies manufactures industry leading security solutions by integrating innovative and cost effective user identification technique based Biometric Systems & Solutions. Heyce Technologies’ smart and modern innovations have been deployed and effectively used by every industry verticals ranging from government, semi-government, banks, manufacturing industries, automobiles, police, military, armed forces, airlines, telecommunications, shipping, hospitals, real estate, service providers, hotels, system integrators, to name a few.

Heyce also provides industry leading User Activity Monitoring & IT Security Software Solutions by partnering with world leading brands like Veriato360, Bitdefender & Soft Activity Monitoring Solutions to name a few. We shall remain committed towards environmental sustainability by meeting the needs of today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Biometric Systems
State of the Art Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance system & Access control Security Systems. 3D Face recognition Systems.
Cards Readers
RFID Smart Card Reader Access Control Systems, Contactless ID cards, secure access with Multi Door controllers.
User Activity Monitoring
User Activity Monitoring Software to Detect abnormal user activity & safeguard your Business & sensitive data.
CCTV Surveillance
Cutting Edge Video Surveillance Equipment, CCTV Surveillance Systems, Analogue, IP Camera, DVR, NVR.
Electro-magnetic locks, monitored electric locks, push buttons, adding perfection to your physical access control.
VeriatoSoft creates software that protects businesses and families by monitoring and reporting on computer activity, providing you with detailed, timely, and actionable activity information.
We support Bitdefender Business products
Faster and More Efficient Security for Your Business. Using unique technologies and a different architecture, Bitdefender GravityZone gives organizations dramatically faster and more efficient security management.
Increase Employee Productivity with live computer activity monitoring. Prevent intellectual property theft. Protect kids from online cyber bullies & hackers. Trust, But Verify – And Take back Control

Featured Products

  • 3D Face Rrecognition Attendance Access Control System
    3D Face Recognition System
    Biometric Face Recognition Systems:A New World of Touch Free Authentication.
  • Best Biometric Fingerprint System
    High End Access & Attendance System - HT PRO
    Versatile Biometric Identification Terminal with Live Fingerprint detection.
  • Fingerprint Attendance System Dubai
    World’s First GPRS Enabled Biometric Attendance & Access Control:HT G-35
    Wireless SIM based GPRS Data Transfer. Support Handheld Biometric Identification.
  • Smart HID Card Access Control With Pin
    Smart Card & PIN Reader – HT PCR
    Encased in robust metallic shell, this Card & PIN Reader is specially designed for Heavy Duty Operations

Innovative Solutions

  • Employee Monitoring Solutions
    Veriato 360: Employee Monitoring Software
    A user activity monitoring solution that enables companies to log, retain, review and report on employee activity.
  • Bitdefender Dubai
    Bitdefender GravityZone
    Faster, More Efficient, ranked #1 in antimalware, antivirus protection & performance Enterprise Security.
    We support Bitdefender Business products
  • Cyber security Protection for Kids
    SoftActivity Monitoring Software
    An ideal product for Office as well as Home use. Helps to prevent intellectual property theft, protect kids from cyber bullies and hackers.
  • CCTV Monitoring Solutions DVR Camera
    CCTV Surveillance Cameras, DVR & NVR
    Latest & Cost effective CCTV Monitoring Systems to safeguard your premises.

Strategic Accomplishments

  • ACME Group of Companies
    Electric Switchgear manufacturer, Electro-Mechanical Contracting, electrical & Sanitary Appliances trading company, implements SoftActivity User Activity Monitoring across their entire corporate network thereby ensuring employee productivity as well as safeguarding company secrets
  • ADI International
    With a factory space of 80,000 sq. ft. ensures staff punctuality by deploying Heyce Biometric Solutions
  • Ageco International FZE
    A market leader in power transformers utilizes Heyce Biometric Systems to achieve top notch security and attendance automation for their entire facilities.
  • Aghan Wireless Communication Company
    Afghanistan based telecommunication giant chooses Heyce Security Systems & Locking mechanisms for their Afghanistan Head Quarters.
  • Al Ain Factory for Metal Casting & Electro Plating
    Trusts the power of Heyce Biometric Fingerprint Readers to automate their Labor workforce at their production & fabrication facility.
  • Al Ain Juniors School
    One of the most sought-after schools in the city of Al Ain implements Heyce Fingerprint Biometrics to effectively capture attendance at all their schools across the Emirate
  • Al Byader Group
    One of the most sought-after schools in the city of Al Ain implements Heyce Fingerprint Biometrics to effectively capture attendance at all their schools across the Emirate
  • Al Cazar Bakery
    Operating under the graceful sponsorship of HH Sheik Abdullah Bin Faizal Al Qassimi deploys Heyce 3D Face Recognition Systems to automate their workforce movement
  • Al Diwan Refrigeration & Steel LLC
    One of the leading companies manufacturing catering equipment implements Heyce 3D Face Recognition Systems for HR & payroll automation
  • Al Falak Systems Solutions & Consulting
    Telecommunication equipment supplier deploys high end premise security with Heyce Access Control Systems
  • Al Farah Contracting & General Transport Est.
    Operating several industries in Riyadh, Jubail (Saudi Arabia), Dubai (UAE) and London (UK), Al Fanar implements attendance automation with Heyce Biometrics
  • Al Farah Contracting & General Transport Est.
    Operating several industries in Riyadh, Jubail (Saudi Arabia), Dubai (UAE) and London (UK), Al Fanar implements attendance automation with Heyce Biometrics
  • Al Haramain Perfumes Industry LLC
    Implements Heyce Centralized Attendance & Payroll automation systems across their GCC showrooms and perfume manufacturing facility
  • Al Jabor Business Systems W.L.L.
    A leading IT Systems Integrator in Qatar partners with Heyce to serve Qatar with quality biometrics
  • Al Karmel Building Contractors LLC
    A Leading construction group implements Heyce Centralized Attendance systems across their construction sites and Head Office
  • Al Mimari Industrial Co. LLC
    Pioneers in PVC-U windows & doors achieves HR & Attendance automation with Heyce attendance recorders
  • Al Sharqi Shipping Co. LLC
    Pioneers in Air transport, Logistics, Ships & Boats business chooses Heyce Biometric Attendance Systems
  • Al Shurooq Industries
    Al Shurooq Architecture & Engineering Consultants selects Heyce Systems for their HR automation needs
  • Ali & Sons Co LLC
    UAE's well established entity in the Automobile Sector, Commercial, Oil & Gas, Retailing, Contracting, Property Management, Manufacturing, Information Technology and Merchant Banking selects Heyce as its preferred partner for HR automation
  • Hilton Hotels
    Hilton Hotels Group awards Heyce Biometric Systems implementation
  • Allsopp & Allsopp
    Property Services Company secures its premises with Heyce Live Finger Detection Systems
  • Alpha Link Technology FZC
    Rapidly growing product testing company chooses Heyce Biometrics
  • Alucor Ltd.
    Aluminum industry giants effectively deploys Heyce Biometric Automation Systems across their entire group of companies
  • Ampex Engineering Services L.LC
    UAE's pioneers in automotive air-conditioning industry chooses Heyce as a preferred Biometric Partner
  • Anwar Al Redha General Trading (Al Redha Lights)
    Providers for best quality energy efficient lighting systems, chooses Heyce Systems for centralized HR management across their offices and showrooms in the GCC.
  • Apex FZ LLC
    Technical Training Consultancy and Development provider deploys Heyce Attendance Recorders
  • APS Technology Inc
    Pioneers in Drilling & Oilfields sector selects Heyce Security and Access Control Automation Systems
  • Arab Insurance Group (B.S.C)
    Pioneers in Drilling & Oilfields sector selects Heyce Security and Access Control Automation Systems
  • Arab Insurance Group (B.S.C)
    A Central Bank of Bahrain regulated reinsurance entity chooses Heyce for User Activity Monitoring with Veriato360
  • Arab Orient Insurance Company PSC
    Al Futtaim’s Insurance Arm selects Heyce Biometric Systems
  • Architectural Metal Works FZCO
    Trusted supplier of Architectural Metal Works installs Heyce GPRS Attendance Recorders across its several locations
  • Areen East & West LLC
    Sole agents for several reputable International brands implements Heyce GPRS Attendance Systems effectively centralizing their HR data
  • Ashok Leyland (UAE) LLC
    The 4th largest manufacturer of buses in the world trusts Heyce 3D Face Recognition for their facilities
  • Ashtaar Interior Design
    Deploys Heyce 3D face recognition systems for automating HR for their large team of interior designers, execution team, laborers and architects.
  • Ltd
    Managed Hosting Service Provider trusts Heyce Biometrics for its data servers
  • Astellas Pharma International B.V.
    Pharmaceutical giant deploys Heyce Access Control Security Systems
  • Automech Heavy Industries Limited
    Heavy fabrication & Machinery giant installs Heyce Biometrics across their group of companies
  • Axial Energy LLC
    An ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing company chooses certified Heyce Biometric Systems
  • Banke International Properties LLC
    One of the leading property sales & rentals consultancy installs Heyce Biometric Access Control Systems
  • BBK
    Licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain, BBK selects Heyce Biometric Systems
  • Belle Femme Beauty Salon
    Deploys Heyce Fingerprint Systems across its hot spot in Spa destinations
  • Belle Femme Beauty Salon
    Deploys Heyce Fingerprint Systems across its hot spot in Spa destinations
  • Bhatia Brothers
    One of the oldest & most trusted Business House awards Biometric Systems contract to Heyce to implement GPRS Fingerprint Terminals
  • Bishop Design LLC
    The regions most awarded interior designing company chooses Heyce Biometric Access Control
  • Blue Deebaj FZCO
    Fertilizer manufacturer selects Heyce precision for Biometric Access Control
  • Blueback Reservoir FZ LLC
    A geological and geophysical (G&G) and reservoir engineering (RE) workflows firm relies on Heyce Biometric Access Control Systems
  • Brains at Work
    Leading Marketing & live communications firm chooses Heyce Biometric Readers
  • Plug-ins
    Al Futtaim's Insurance Electronic Retail entity achieves centralized HR Management with Heyce Fingerprint Readers
  • Bronze Wing Trading
    Trade finance Facilities provider selects Heyce Biometrics to automate their attendance capturing
  • Cambridgeshire Nursery
    Nursery achieves top access control security for their children with Heyce Access Control Products
  • Al Kabeer Group
    Well established food manufacturing and distribution entity deploys Heyce 3D face recognition systems
  • Cedar Tree Hospitality
    Achieves Centralized Time management across their restaurants by deploying Heyce Biometric Solutions
  • Chrysler Group Middle East FZ-LLC
    Leading American car manufacturer awards biometric automation requirements to Heyce Technologies
  • Classic Metallic Sheet Factory LLC
    A leading manufacturer of fasteners in the Middle East trusts Heyce Fingerprint readers for its workforce automation
  • Clavon Engineering Emirates LLC
    Singaporean leading specialist in internal tank corrosion control coating entrusts Heyce with its Centralized HR Management using GPRS biometrics
  • Colors Café
    Achieves Centralized Time attendance management across their restaurants by deploying Heyce Fingerprint Solutions
  • Consulate General of Panama
    Consulate General of the Republic of Panama chooses HT FC-35 for its Fingerprint Recognition requirements
  • Dunkin Donuts
    Continental Foods Est selects Heyce GPRS solutions for its Dunkin Donuts branches
  • Crown Relocations LLCCrown Worldwide Group awards Heyce Biometrics for their Corporate Access Control requirements
  • Dahabshiil FZCO
    The largest African money transfer selects Heyce Biometric Access Control Systems
  • Daimler Middle East & Levant FZE
    World renowned pioneers of automotive engineering safeguards its crucial data with User Activity Monitoring solutions from Heyce Technologies
  • deNovo Corporate AdvisorsIndependent, Middle East-based corporate finance advisory firm selects Heyce Door Access Control Systems
  • Digitata Middle East
    Mauritian based inventor of the Dynamic Tariffing™ System (DTS) with over 87 million subscribers, awards access control project to Heyce Technologies
  • Dubai Chess & Culture Club
    Member of UAE Chess Federation implements Heyce Biometric Automation Systems.
  • Dubai Economic Council
    Government of Dubai's economic policy decision-making authority implements Heyce Biometric Solutions across its entity
  • Dubai Equestrian Club
    Meydan Group, UAE prestigious Equestrian Club deploys Heyce Biometric Automation
  • Dynamic Hospitality LLC
    Leading Food & Beverage entity centralizes its HR data capturing with Heyce Biometric Systems
  • Eastern Networks
    Market-leading anti-money laundering solutions provider chooses Heyce Access Control Security Systems
  • Edward Mellors Entertainment LLC
    Entity of Mellors Group of companies adopts GPRS Biometrics from Heyce
  • Elevator Engineering Enterprises LLC
    Elevator Engineering Enterprises Ltd (EEE), a comprehensive vertical transportation solutions provider deploys Heyce Biometric Readers
  • Eltel Networks Corporation
    Leading European provider of technical services installs Heyce Access Control Systems
  • Emaar Properties PJSC
    Dubai-based Public Joint Stock Company, Global property developer & provider of premier lifestyles deploys Heyce Biometric Solutions across its entity
  • Emirates Hospital LLC
    Emirates Hospital group implements 500+ top Anti-Malware & Internet Security Bitdefender Cloud solutions from Heyce Technologies
  • Emirates Printing Press LLC
    Dubai's leading high quality press achieves effective Staff Attendance Recording with Heyce 3D Face Recognition Systems
  • Engineering Aluminium Systems Co. LLC
    A leading specialist in engineering & manufacturing of specialized aluminum systems executes centralized premises control with Heyce GPRS Access Control Systems
  • Euro Diesel Services LLC
    Diesel Fuel Injection Systems manufacturer automates their attendance recording with Heyce Attendance & Access Control Systems
  • Euroblast Middle East LLC
    Blast cleaning abrasives & equipment company achieves top security automation with Heyce Card Access Control Systems
  • Europcar
    World Leading Automobile leasing solutions provider centralizes Biometric Automation with Heyce Fingerprint Systems
  • Damac Properties Co. LLC
    UAE's leading property developer entrusts Heyce with Biometric Security Projects
  • Faraidooni Trading Co LLC
    Sanitary ware suppliers chooses Heyce Biometric Attendance Systems for workforce data capture
  • First Flight Couriers (Middle East) LLC
    Premium express courier's company selects Heyce Card & Biometric Systems for effective Access Control Security
  • Firstpress (Plastic Moulders) Middle East
    Firstpress (Plastic Moulders) Middle East
  • Flowline Mechanical Engineering
    Leading mechanical engineering entity automates workflow management with Heyce Card Readers with anti-buddy punching technology
  • Fly Aviation Services FZCO
    Leading mechanical engineering entity automates workflow management with Heyce Card Readers with anti-buddy punching technology
  • Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery
    Leading supplier of Fine Art, Picture Frames, and Furniture etc. deploys Heyce Biometric Attendance Systems across GCC
  • Four Zone Décor LLC
    Turnkey solutions& décor products manufacturer entrust Heyce with Biometric automation using GPRS terminals
  • Galadari Engineering Works Ltd. Co. LLC
    Multi-industry & multi-product industry with 50+ years of operational excellence selects Heyce Biometric Finger & 3D Face recognition readers
  • Galaxy Polystrene Packaging Systems LLC
    Class Leading Polymer Factory adopts Heyce Fingerprint Automation Systems
  • Geodis Wilson UAE LLC
    TNT Freight Management arm selects Heyce Biometric Solutions over 25 competitive vendors
  • Gloria Hotel
    Famous group of Hotels implements Heyce Fingerprint readers for complete automation
  • Gmmostech Marine
    Region's Leading ship building & repair facility deploys Heyce Biometric Solutions
  • Grandweld
    Fully integrated Ship building entity integrates Heyce Biometric Hardware to enhance business productivity
  • GRP Industries FZC
    Reinforced Plastic Industry successfully deploys Heyce Biometric recognition systems
  • GSS International PJSC
    Turnkey Automation provider for banking, payment solutions, industrial systems etc. achieves fraud prevention with Veriato360 from Heyce Technologies
  • Gulf Advanced Lighting (GAL) LLC
    OEM LED Lighting manufacturing factory deploys Heyce Biometric Fingerprint Products & Services
  • Gulf Agency Company
    Global clearing, forwarding, transportation and ship agency satisfies Biometric automation requirements with Heyce user identity recognition systems
  • Gulf Commercial Group
    Privately owned Ghobash Group adopts Heyce Biometrics for their staff attendance automation needs
  • Gulf Dynamic Switchgear Co. Ltd.
    Switchgear manufacturer obtains HR Automation with precise recognition of Heyce Fingerprint readers
  • Gulf Speciality Hospital
    Hospital centralizes work force attendance management with Heyce Biometric Systems
  • Gyma Food Industries LLC
    UAE's renowned food & spices retailer, Bayara foods deploys Heyce Biometric Readers
  • Habshan Trading Co
    A major supplier of industrial & oil, gas & power equipment supplier selects Heyce Biometric readers
  • Halton Middle East FZE
    Indoor climate, indoor environmental products & services specialist enforces effective attendance automation with Heyce Systems

  • Hamptons International LLC
    UAE’s oldest, trusted and experienced property finder deploys Heyce Access Control Security for the entire entity
  • Hapco FZE
    Petroleum importation, supply and distribution entity secures its premises with Heyce Access Control Automation Systems
  • Hempel Paints LLC
    Global paints and coating manufacturer automates attendance recording with Heyce Biometric Solutions
  • Hi-Force FZCO
    Hydraulic tools manufacturer implements Heyce HR data collection automation solutions
  • Honda Gulf FZE
    World's leading car manufacturer guards high secure areas with Heyce Access Control Solutions
  • IAL Container Line (UK) Ltd
    Liner Shipping & Logistics Company enforces effective access control security with Heyce Biometric devices
  • Ideal Special Products FZC
    High Performance timber Doors automates employee attendance with Heyce Solutions
  • Ineco Ltd.
    Contracting company awards access control project to Heyce Technologies
  • Interglobe Marine LLC
    Marine transportation & logistics firm secures its premises with Heyce Access Control Systems
  • International Beverage and Filling Industries LLC
    Juices & Beverage filling factory installs Heyce HT FC-35 for biometric automation
  • Inventure Metal Products Industries LLC
    Fabrication of Glass and Aluminum factory achieves centralized attendance management with GPRS Biometric HT G-35
  • Jas Auto Spare Parts Trading LLC (Tanzania)
    JAS awards Attendance project at Tanzania to Heyce Technologies
  • Joker Productions
    UAE's premier talent source & event planning firm chooses Heyce Identification Security Systems
  • KEYMILE Systems JLT
    Leading manufacturer of data transmission systems deploys Heyce Biometric Identification Systems
  • Kofax ME FZE
    Kofax by Lexmark implements precise access control security with Heyce Security Systems
  • Koohiji Group (Technocare)
    Customer care solutions provider positions top security with Heyce Access Control Systems
  • L’Atelier Aquafitness
    Branded Aqua fitness club implements Heyce Biometric Attendance Recorders
  • Le Meridien Hotel
    Leading chain of hotels selects Heyce Access Control Accessories
  • Lux Worldwide Ltd
    Specialized automotive bearings manufacturer installs Heyce Access Control Systems
  • Man Diesel & Turbo Middle East LLC
    Germany’s leading provider of large-bore diesel engines selects Heyce Biometric Systems
  • Marcopolo Freight Services
    A global leader in the freight & logistics industry secures its premises with Heyce Access Control Solutions
  • Marine Capabilities (Marcap) LLC
    Ship manufacturer automates attendance with Heyce biometric systems
  • Maruti Energy DMCC
    Energy trading company achieves precise access control with Heyce card systems
  • Maserati S.P.A (Middle East & Africa Br.)
    Italian luxury car manufacturer secures its premises with Heyce Access Control Security Systems
  • Mesco Marine Services
    Marine Industry leader opts for Heyce Access Control to secure access to their offices
  • Mix Martial Arts Fitness Center (MMA)
    Martial Arts club centralizes member access with Heyce Biometric Systems
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital
    Hospital automates work force attendance management with Heyce Biometric Systems
  • Move One FZE
    Global relocation giant deploys Heyce Biometric Solutions across its global locations
  • Nadiya Dates Ltd.
    Premium dates factory selects Heyce Biometric Attendance & Access Control Systems
  • National Bank Of Abu Dhabi
    UAE's no.1 bank deploys Heyce Biometrics across its entire branches
  • Neopharma LLC
    Premier pharmaceutical manufacturing company secures its locations with Heyce Biometric Access Control
  • Odfjell Middle East
    Pioneers in the field of transportation and storage of bulk liquid chemicals secures its premises with Heyce Biometric Access Control Systems
  • FZ LLC
    Denmark based innovative supplier of web hosting services secures its premises with powerful biometric systems from Heyce
  • Oryx Mix Concrete Products LLC
    Concrete manufacturer relies on powerful Heyce Biometric Fingerprint readers for centralized attendance recording across several branches
  • Oushi Fashion Designing
    Leading Fashion house deploys Heyce Fingerprint Systems
  • Pace e Luce Hair & Beauty Saloon
    Renowned beauty chain centralizes workforce management with Heyce Biometric Systems
  • Pets plus
    Top Pets Store centralizes work force attendance with Heyce Biometric Fingerprint Systems
  • Platinum Corporation
    Multinational Corporation selects Bitdefender Security Solutions from Heyce Technologies
  • Playwell International
    Major Player in the Middle East & North Africa toy industry chooses Heyce Biometric Systems
  • Qatar Insurance Co
    Seasoned Insurance provider deploys Heyce Biometric Systems
  • Regus
    Multinational Corporation & providers of Furnished Business Centers & Serviced Offices secures its premises with Heyce Access Control Solutions
  • Roads Transport & Civil Engineering Consultancy
    Transportation, Infrastructure, and project management consultancy Services Corporation chooses Heyce Biometric Security Systems
  • Rolls –Royce Singapore PTE
    World's leading luxury car manufacturer trusts Heyce Biometric Access Control Security Solutions
  • S.S Lootah Real Estate
    UAE based family-owned diversified business house deploys Heyce Access Control Systems
  • SAE Arabia FZ LLC
    UAE based family-owned diversified business house deploys Heyce Access Control Systems
  • SAE Arabia FZ LLC
    Expert training and education institute implements high security access control with Heyce readers
  • Scientechnic Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group LLC
    Automation Industry giant selects Heyce Access Control Accessories
  • SAIF Zon
    Heyce wins Biometric Supply & implementation contract for Sharjah Airport International Free Zone Authority over 9 competing vendors
  • Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and Technology (SZABIST)
    Pakistan's world class educational institute deploys Heyce Biometric Solutions
  • Sharp Middle East FZE
    World renowned electronic manufacturing pioneers deploys Heyce Access Control Systems
  • Taryam American Private School
    American Private School deploys Heyce Biometrics
  • Tejuri Com LLC
    E-commerce platform deploys Heyce Security Systems
  • Tekla (ME) Branch
    Global Building & Construction firm installs Heyce Biometric Security Systems
  • Terrazzo Limited
    35 year old experienced manufacturer automated workflow management with centralized Heyce biometric systems
  • Tetco Gulf Steel Industries
    Dominant steel industry selects Heyce Biometric Solutions
  • The Kanoo Group
    One of the largest, independent, family-owned, 125 Year old group of companies deploys Heyce Biometric automation across its entities
  • TUV Middle East WLL
    Leading center for Inspections, Testing, Assessments, Auditing, Certification and Training secures its premises with Heyce Access Control Systems
  • UAE Armed Forces Special Operation Command
    Top notch access security at UAE Armed forces with Heyce Access Control
  • Universal Music MENA FZ-LLC
    Global music leader deploys Heyce Access Control Systems
  • WALDNER Laboreinrichtungen GmbH
    Innovative laboratory furniture systems manufacturer chooses Heyce Biometric Solutions
  • Government of Dubai
    DWE arm of government of Dubai deploys Heyce Biometric Solutions
  • Dunkin Donuts
    America's favorite donuts chain implements centralized shift management with Heyce Biometric Attendance Systems
  • Daewoo Electronics
    Global electronic giant deploys Heyce Attendance Recorders
  • Adidas
    Industry leading sports brand selects Heyce Biometric Access Control Readers
  • Supermax
    Leading razor blade manufacturing facility deploys effective access control security with Heyce readers
  • ESAB
    World leader in the production of welding, cutting equipment and consumables deploys Heyce Biometric Systems for centralized workflow management
  • NMC Hospital
    Specialist group of hospitals installs Heyce Biometric Access Control Devices
  • New York Fries
    Privately owned Canadian franchise adopts Heyce Biometrics for their staff attendance automation
  • Volvo
    Swedish car manufacturer chooses Heyce Biometric Attendance Systems
  • Thrifty Rent A Car
    Global car rental firm selects Heyce for its Biometric automation requirements
  • DP World
    Dubai ports & free zone authority deploys centralized Heyce Attendance systems
  • Dnata
    One of the World's largest air services providers selects Heyce Biometrics in Afghanistan

  • Bajaj Electronics
    India's leading electronic manufacturer selects Heyce Biometric automation systems
  • Aston Martin
    Premium luxury car manufacturer trusts Heyce Biometric Systems
  • AVIS Rent A Car
    Renowned car Rental Company deploys Heyce Biometrics
  • ETA Ascon
    Diversified group of companies deploys Heyce Biometric readers
  • Al Ghurair International Exchange
    Renowned exchange house deploys GPRS based Attendance Recorders from Heyce

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