Veriato360: User Activity Monitoring & Employee Monitoring Software

Veriato 360 is a comprehensive user activity monitoring solution that empowers companies to log, retain, review and report on their employee’s digital activity. Veriato 360 creates ultimate records of an employee’s digital activity, and in doing so provides organizations with the ability to see the context of user actions. Using a combination of keyword detection and snapshot playback, Veriato 360 monitors, captures and analyzes all digital user activity live, as it happens. Veriato360 suite of products effectively identifies and investigates unsafe activity of not only employees but also privileged users and sourced third-party vendors.

Using a combination of keyword detection and snapshot playback, Veriato 360 monitors, captures and analyzes all digital user activity, including:

Veriato 360

  • Email/Webmail
  • Chat/Instant Messages
  • User Activity/Inactivity
  • Websites Visited

Monitor all user and user group activity across Servers, PCs, Macs, laptops, and the Internet with Veriato 360, the leading User Activity Monitoring solution. Veriato 360 is comprehensive User Activity Monitoring software that allows IT and Security professionals, Human Resources, Legal Counsel, General Managers and Owners to monitor, replay, and analyze all user, department, and division electronic activity/digital behavior. Thousands of organizations around the globe use Veriato 360 to protect their assets; improve productivity; ensure optimal use of online processes, systems, and tools; protect employee privacy, and review adherence to Acceptable Use Policies as well as industry and government regulations and laws.

Veriato 360 creates a definitive record of an employee’s digital behavior, and in doing so provides organizations with the ability to see the context of user actions. Using a combination of keyword detection and snapshot playback, Veriato 360 monitors, captures and analyzes all PC and Mac computer user or user group activity, including:

Snapshot Playback

Safeguarding company assets and intellectual property is so crucial, companies might consider installing surveillance cameras pointed at every computer on the company network. A less intrusive, more cost effective and efficient way to deter corporate espionage is to utilize the Snapshot feature within Veriato 360 throughout the entire company. Taking hundreds of screenshots every hour, the Veriato 360 Snapshot feature monitors each networked computer, much like a surveillance camera. Taking snapshots as frequently as once per second, the Client Recorder will capture whatever is on the monitored computer’s screen at an interval of your choice.

Keyword Detection & Reporting

When it comes to safeguarding your corporate assets, whether employees or intellectual property, being proactive is always better than being reactive. The Veriato 360 powerful Keyword Detection keeps you informed when any keywords you specify are detected on a monitored computer, signaling a potential threat to those valuable assets.
Activating Keyword Detection within Veriato 360 is as simple as making a list of “on alert” keywords. This list is comprised of any of the over 1,200 keywords seeded in Veriato 360, or custom keywords unique to your company. Then, Veriato 360 continually monitors words typed via keyboard, website URLs visited, emails sent or received, and chat/ IM conversations for these terms.
When a keyword or phrase is detected, Veriato 360 immediately begins to help you safeguard the company’s assets. Veriato 360 collects information regarding the offending keyword, sending an instant keyword alert via email to the specified IT administrator or appropriate manager.

Secure Archiving

With Veriato 360, storing data is safe and secure, as each licensed installation of Veriato 360 includes a seamlessly integrated SQL Server instance that is right-sized for your implementation, at no additional cost. Event Data captured by the Veriato 360 Client Recorder is stored securely in the SQL Database, with Screen Snapshots and Email Attachments stored securely on your network. As data is collected by each active Client Recorder, it periodically sends this information to the Data Vault, which is responsible for decryption and SQL Server communication, as well as Screen Snapshot and Email Attachment storage.
Veriato 360 recordings can be archived using one of the following methods:
• Single Network Server
Recommended for small and medium sized companies, the single network server method automatically archives all Client Recorder data to a single, centralized network server running the Veriato 360 Data Vault and supplied SQL Server.
• Multiple Network Server
Recommended for medium to large companies, the multiple network servers method automatically archives Client Recorder data to any one of a number of network servers running the Veriato 360 Data Vault and supplied SQL Server. This allows you to centralize the computer recordings as you see fit …by department, floor, building, location, etc.

Data Backup

Regular backups of your Veriato 360 recordings will ensure that you have a complete historical record of everything that is occurring on your company computers.
All database backup and management functions can be performed from a central location using the Veriato 360 Dashboard. You can perform both full and differential backups of the database, as well as use the archive feature to retire a fully populated database and start a new one. Recordings of Screen Snapshots and Email Attachments are archived into a single folder, organized into subfolders for each computer that is being recorded. Backups made to Tape, CD, DVD or other storage media can be easily restored and viewed with Veriato 360.

Web Filtering

With Veriato 360 Web Filtering, you can centrally manage and enforce company policy by blocking access to web sites on your Windows and Mac clients based on more than 30 built-in pre-defined categories or customized lists. Create distinct policies for different employees and groups, define web sites that are blocked or allowed, and set up schedules for when these policies will be in effect. Establishing and applying Web Filtering rules is a simple process that can be managed from the Dashboard Management application using an intuitive wizard.

Control the web sites your employees can visit based on the category attributes of the domain:
• Always block employees from visiting Sports, Gambling, or Sexually Explicit web sites
• Allow employees to visit News and Shopping web sites only during lunch time and after normal work hours
• Only allow certain employees to visit specified web sites – allow the HR manager access to Job Search sites, but block everyone else
• Allow one group access and block all other groups – only the employees in the IT Department can visit Download sites
Advanced Reporting
The Veriato 360 Dashboard Reports Tool empowers you to generate professional high-quality management reports on how your employees are using their computers. The Reports Tool provides all the power of the Quick View summary charts in a more traditional presentation format that you can print or email with a click of your mouse. With the Reports Tool you can generate more than 50 reports, including “TOP N” information for the following Events: • Web Sites
• Online Searching
• Application Usage
• Document Tracking
• Email
• Web-Based Email Service
• File Transfers
• Chat and Instant Messaging
• Internet Connections
• Keystrokes
• User Activity
• Keyword Alerts

Control Center & Dashboard

Veriato 360 makes the configuration and management of employee monitoring simple with two powerful tools, the Control Center and Dashboard. The Control Center allows for remote deployment and management of the Client Recorder on networked computers, as well as the backup and archival of the supplied SQL Database. The Dashboard Tool is responsible for the setting up and maintenance of users authorized to review recorded data, creating and scheduling reports, and more.

Complete Internet & PC Monitoring

Every facet of PC usage is monitored and recorded at the workstation level providing you with valuable information about how your office PCs are being used.

Activity Visibility across Devices

Watching only computer activity leaves you vulnerable to data theft and leaks on your smartphones. Veriato 360 gives you unmatched visibility into what your employees are doing, regardless of the device.

Centralized Management

PC recordings, including Events, Screen Snapshots and Email Attachments are transferred to a centralized depository (called the Data Vault) allowing for quick access, backup and review by the Veriato 360 Dashboard application.

Scalable Architecture

The flexible architecture of Veriato 360 allows your monitoring and surveillance capabilities to expand as your company grows.

Rapid Deployment

MMC-based deployment tools make installation, configuration and ongoing data collection easy.

Data Security & Integrity

With multi-level user accounts, optional file encryption for Email Attachments and Snapshot files, and a centralized SQL database, Veriato 360 offers multiple layers of security for your recorded data.


The client recorder installs in seconds and operates in “stealth mode” so your employees are unaware that they are being monitored.


Assign roles to those using Veriato 360 to restrict their views when monitoring certain employees or departments. For example, you can restrict the view of a front line manager so he sees only the data collected from the employees in his department.

No Performance Impact

The additional overhead incurred to monitor your employees is marginal and will not impact your network or the computers being monitored.

Intuitive & Easy to Use

The Veriato 360 Dashboard, with its feature rich User Interface and built-in Wizards, offers both a “High Level View” and “Detailed View” of how your employees use the Internet and Computer Resources.

Feature Depth

Veriato 360 provides you with numerous tools and capabilities, making it the most powerful Employee Monitoring package on the market.


You can create customized charts and reports to address the specific needs of your organization.


Powerful search capabilities are provided that allow you to sift through voluminous data to locate a specific word or string.

Information Accessibility

There are more than 50 built-in charts and reports that can be generated quickly on demand.

Increase Productivity

Technology can only help companies’ increase employee productivity so far. The next step requires detail into distractions, inefficiencies or deficient training that is negatively impacting productivity.

Deter IP/Data Theft & Leaks

Trying to close all possible ways that sensitive data can exit the company can be overwhelming. Instead of data security as your only defense, add a powerful deterrent to prevent leaks and theft at their source.

Highly Privileged Users

With system admins, network admins and DBAs given almost absolute authority over critical systems, you must ensure that authorized access isn't used for unauthorized purposes. Companies need the ability to 'watch the watchers'.

Detect Employee Fraud

Employee fraud causes significant financial damage to companies and organizations; typically 5% of annual revenue. Traditionally, detection can take an average of 18 months. With Veriato 360, you can prevent the damage from even starting.

Empower Human Resources

Too often, HR is in reactive mode—dealing with a problem that has been building over time, and doing so without all the facts it needs. Veriato 360 empowers HR to take a proactive approach.

Improve Efficiency

Analyze the digital behaviors of top performers to identify best practices for replication across your organization. Ensure new tools and processes are being adopted. Use cutting edge video analysis to improve training programs.


It’s up to each company whether or not to disclose the means by which you monitor, however, as a best practice, disclosure is recommended whether local law requires it or not. Disclosing that the company has the right to monitor all activity and communications that take place on company owned computers, devices and networks can provide an inherent deterrence factor.


As the Client Recorder collects comprehensive data, potentially harmful activities are detected based on keywords appearing, websites visited, or changes in baseline activity behavior. Veriato 360 collects information regarding a potential offense from over 90 individual activity types and sends an instant Keyword Alert to the specified IT administrator or appropriate compliance manager. Because the reviewing needs of HR, IT and management are all different, Veriato 360 allows you to restrict which users, groups and activities are visible.


Once an incident has been detected, and determined potentially harmful, the first response is to stop the actions and avoid any further damage. Next, whether due to reporting or compliance requirements, those responding need to find out exactly what happened, to what extent, those involved and even why. The amount of data collected by the Client Recorder provides contextual information down to a video-style Snapshot Playback of the user’s activity. Schedule reports from more than 75 built-in, easy-to-read, comprehensive Quick View reports.