Veriato 360 Recon: User Behavior Analytics • Advanced Insider Threat Solution

Focusing on human computer behavior, utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms and data science, Recon detects and alerts on insider threats. By combining and examining behavioral patterns across your organization, Veriato 360 Recon filters out unnecessary data to deliver an accurate and prioritized view of true enterprise threats.


  • Baseline User Activity
  • Detect Anomalies
  • Log Underlying Activity
Baseline User Activity
The solution understands what normal looks like, whether you are comparing a user to their own historical behavior, or to a peer group of users.
Detect Anomalies
When users deviate from established patterns of behavior, you’re alerted so you can act and prevent confidential information theft, data exfiltration, IP theft, data leaks, and data breaches
Log Underlying Activity
By maintaining a secure log of recent user activity, the solution enables rapid investigation and provides intelligence to inform incident response.

Early Detection and Warning

Behavioral Baselining

Veriato 360 Recon logs user activity data, and then applies powerful algorithms and statistical analytics to establish what “normal” user behavior looks like.

Veriato 360 Recon is built to be usable – where other User Behavior Analytics solutions require significant expertise to get up and running, and to tune to the environment they are installed in, Veriato 360 Recon’s simple step-by-step configuration and intuitive tuning enable organizations of all sizes to benefit from the power of user behavior analysis.

Anomaly Detection and Alerting

When insiders go “rogue” their behavior changes as they shift from simply performing their function to engaging in activities that harm your organization.

The software watches for signs of change that are directly related to insider threats, and alerts you as soon as meaningful anomalies are detected. Armed with this early warning, you can proactively respond and protect your organization from the damage caused by insider attacks.

Comprehensive User Activity Logging

Veriato 360 Recon collects and logs the underlying user activity data for up to 30 days. The activity is collected where it occurs – at the point where the user interacts with the systems and data. This provides the most accurate picture of what insiders are doing … and supports best practices for preventing IP theft by departing employees.

Document Tracking

Veriato 360 Recon creates a log of exactly what documents are moving through your network, including when they printed or transferred to removable storage or personal cloud solutions like Dropbox.

File Tracking

Veriato 360 Recon records every file transferred by monitoring HTTP, FTP, cloud services, and P2P file transfers


Veriato 360 Recon’s cutting-edge email recording capabilities are designed to ensure that you have a complete record of all email & webmail (including attachments) being sent and received

File Tracking

Veriato 360 Recon records every file transferred by monitoring HTTP, FTP, cloud services, and P2P file transfers

Network Activity Logging

Records which applications are connecting to the Internet and when the Internet address they connected to, ports used, and the network bandwidth consumed.

Application Usage

Veriato 360 Recon will log all application usage including: application name, active, focus and total time of use.

User Status

Events such as login / logout, mouse and keyboard activity, and active vs. inactive time are all recorded.

Screen Capture

The most powerful way to visually record and review digital activity. Like a surveillance camera pointed directly at every computer on your company network filming all computer activity

Chat / IM

See both sides of computer-based messaging; Veriato 360 Recon supports over a dozen of the most-used messaging applications + custom applications.

Web Activitry

Significantly more sophisticated than browser history, providing you with important details including: time of last visit, duration of visit, active time on site, total number of visits to the site, page title, and more.