Gain critical insight into your network activity with Server Manager

It’s not enough to simply log server and network activity. Without the tools to effectively aggregate and analyze changes to the resources and traffic within those logs, your corporate network is exposed to potential downtime and threats. VeriatoSoft Server Manager offers server monitoring and event log management scalable for large enterprises or small businesses, while remaining extremely budget-friendly.

Server Manager

  • Event Log Management
  • Security Event Monitoring
  • Application Monitoring
  • Resource Monitoring
  • Disk Monitoring
  • Alerts, Actions & Reporting

Event Log Management

Log Manager, part of Server Manager, provides powerful reporting and consolidation tools for Windows server event log, syslog, or even text log files.

Centrally monitor Windows, Unix, Linux, switches, routers, hubs and more by consolidating all of your event logs in one place, then use data filters and multi-level criteria to create powerful reporting options

Log Manager allows you to view and report on event log data in the most convenient and intuitive way possible. Isolate pertinent log entries by merging multiple logs into a single view, hiding duplicate entries and filtering the results. Then, easily export, print or email the results for clear and concise event log analysis. Reporting and analysis for regulatory compliance such as HIPPA or PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is simple with the powerful reporting and alert features built into Server Manager.

Features of Log Manager Event Log Management

  • Consolidate all of your logs, Windows Event Logs, syslogs, and non-standard text logs
  • Monitor logs in real-time or on a user-defined schedule
  • Flag consolidated log entries for later review
  • Powerful filtering logic, including by event type and flagged entries
  • Log retention and archive options
  • Create multiple types of alerts, actions, and notifications, even SNMP traps
  • Scheduled detail reports of log consolidation results
  • Merge multiple logs in one easy to manage view
  • Single installation monitors your entire network
  • Use templates to quickly configure log management on new servers

Real Time Alerts and Event Monitoring

With Log Manager, you can create logic driven alerts to notify of events occurring, or when they are expected but do not occur. For example, get instant feedback when:

  • Database backup Fails
  • An error occurs three times within an hour
  • An expected Database Backup Completed notice has not been received

Alerts and Actions within Log Manager can include:

  • Customizable Text or HTML emails
  • SMS Text Messages
  • Play a sound
  • Display a message box
  • Write to a database table
  • Start a background process, interactive process, or run a script
  • Write to a file, whether CSV, HTML, TXT or XML
  • Forward to an event log or another Syslog server
  • Fire SNMP traps

Whether you use the included database-free technology, or a database such as SQL or Oracle, flexible storage options for event log archival are included with Log Manager. Your log data is centrally stored and available for review at your convenience. Additionally, Log Manager includes automated log retention policies to remove or archive data to an alternate database, removing clutter from your active event log repository.

Regulatory Compliance Analysis

Log Manager delivers powerful reporting options coupled with unlimited event log retention, which provides the regulatory compliance criteria your company needs. Easily generate a number of the supplied reports based on the filtered and consolidated log entries of a set of computers. For example, you can schedule daily reports that contain:

  • All failed login attempts to your domain controllers for the last 24 hours
  • Changes made to all user accounts in the last 24 hours
  • New user accounts created
  • Total logon sessions

Reports are fully customizable through easy-to-use HTML email templates. Reports can be run on-demand, or scheduled for automatic delivery.


Security Event Monitoring

Robust Security Event Monitoring within Log Manager, part of Server Manager, empowers your IT resources to be immediately informed of all issues regarding network and application security. Create alerts and reports about logon attempts and account issues, as well as any security related event log or Syslog entry.

  • Event Log
    Create an alert or report on surpassing specified thresholds
  • Failed Logons
    Scan consolidated Security Event Logs for failed logon attempts
  • Successful Logons
    Report on Successful Logons, such as identifying use of privileged accounts
  • Logon Sessions
    Monitor and correlate logon and logoff events
  • Account Lockout
    Report on locked out user accounts, identifying potential security risks
  • Account Management
    Scan consolidated Security Event Logs for Account Management audit events, such as changes to local or domain accounts
  • New Accounts
    Report on the creation and use of new user accounts

Detailed Intelligence

Log Manager helps your IT resources review only relevant data. For example, Logon Reports within Log Manager automatically exclude Logon Type 3 and SYSTEM logon/logoff events. This helps eliminate unnecessary reporting of network logons to shared folders and printers.

Compliance Friendly Reporting

Security Event Log reports within Log Manager have been specifically designed to assist with compliance standards such as PCI DSS and HIPPA.

Application Monitoring

Monitor Your Stack

As your business grows, the number of critical applications delivering IT services to your end users grows. Ensuring peak application performance requires vigilant monitoring of the application stack, and the servers running those applications. You can hire a larger IT staff for this, or use the powerful Application Monitoring in VeriatoSoft Server Manager.

Automate and Alert

Server Manager Application Monitoring provides real time monitoring and reporting on Windows services, applications and processes. At a glance, you will be able to verify:
  • Processes are running, stopped, or terminated
  • CPU load, memory consumption, thread count, and handle count are within acceptable limits, and applications are not over-consuming resources
  • Application and SSL certificates are valid, expired or will expire soon

Once triggered, Server Manager can start, stop, or restart remote Windows Services, applications, and processes immediately. Alerts can be raised for events, notifying IT resources of problems via email, SMS, remote desktop pop-ups, SNMP traps and more!

Examples Of What Can Server Manager Application Monitoring Do

  • Windows Service Monitoring and Control
    Every night between 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM verify SQL Server is consuming no more than 2 GBs of memory. If SQL Server's memory consumption exceeds 2 GBs, restart the SQL Server Windows Service and send an administrative email notification.
  • Application Monitoring and Control
    Every 5 minutes verify a custom application is running. If the application has terminated, automatically restart the Windows Service or process, then send an administrative email notification.
  • End-to-End Monitoring of Email Servers
    Every 10 minutes the software can send a test email message via SMTP then receive the message via either POP3/IMAP. If the email server is too slow or doesn't respond at all, a timeout alert is triggered.

Peace of Mind

Server Manager Application Monitoring offers peace of mind that your critical business applications are constantly under observation. Reduce the potential for business interruption related to IT issues, and implement VeriatoSoft Server Manager today.

CPU & Memory Resource Monitoring

Our Server Manager solution enables you to monitor Windows Servers or Workstations for excessive or extended CPU load and memory consumption. Server Manager stores the history for any period of time enabling you to view historical load and consumption data, empowering you to identify patterns of concern. The data can be saved to SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle or if no database is available, our own fast binary format.

Disk Monitoring

Effective utilization of resources is key in every department within an organization. Ensuring proper management of disk space is critical to your business continuity plan. Running out of disk space can result in a loss of services, unproductive users, and potentially corrupt data. The disk monitoring capability in VeriatoSoft Server Manager provides one convenient place to monitor your entire network storage resources.

With one easy to navigate dashboard, all of your disk resources are in one place. Keep an eye on critical resource information such as:

  • Disk monitoring for space and changes
  • Disk utilization percentage
  • Directory size statistics
  • Largest file statistics
  • Temporary file information
  • File and folder permissions

Disk monitoring information can be reported in a number of ways. View the information in real time on Server Manager dashboards, receive scheduled email notifications, post the data to your own intranet web server, or write to a SQL database. Powerful notifications and reports are coupled with automation to provide your IT resources with effective monitoring tools.

Configure Server Manager to automatically recover disk space by deleting old backup files, temp files, or any file set you specify. Schedule disk defragmentation sessions during off peak hours, and improve performance effortlessly.

Alerts, Actions & Reporting

Server Manager offers robust automation, alerting and reporting to address server and resource issues while freeing your IT resources to tackle value added tasks. Create intelligent reactions to events, trigger alerts when thresholds are passed, and create informative reports about the health and activity of your server network.

  • Document Events
    Server Manager can document when specified thresholds are surpassed in a variety of ways. Whether writing the details to a database, an event log, a text file, or a syslog, Server Manager creates documentation of server and resource exceptions
  • Custom Alerts
    Configure Server Manager to send alerts in a variety of ways. Receive notifications via email, SMS text message, SNMP Trap, or even playing an alert sound
  • Automated Actions
    Server Manager can be configured to respond to changes in your network and server resources. Windows Services and processes can be programmed to start, stop, or restart as necessary
  • Complex Responses
    Server Manager can issue multiple actions when a condition is triggered, or once the services have recovered to an acceptable state
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Server Manager contains standard reports designed with PCI DSS and HIPPA compliance in mind
  • Informative Reporting
    In addition to reporting on triggered security events, Server Manager is shipped with several powerful report types, keeping you informed about network, server, disk, and process status.

Server Manager Provides Three Categories Of Reporting

  • Network, Server and Process Summary Reports
    Consolidate and Scan Syslog, as well as Event, Security Event and Text Logs for pre-defined event entries and failed logon attempts
  • Event Log and Syslog Reports
    Consolidate and scan Event Log, Syslog, and Text Log entries for potential issues that need attention
  • Disk and Directory Reports
    File and Directory Access Permission—Review user/account/group permissions for single or multiple directories or files Scan directories and return information on the Largest Files, recently accessed files, least accessed files, duplicate files, as well as file extensions with count and size information.